This section will eventually provide a more detailed analysis of Sjogren's research. While much progress has been made in recent years, large gaps remain in basic knowledge. Understanding how to think about Sjogren's, given these limitations, is important for making treatment decisions.


Citations:  Note that extensive citations occur throughout the website and blog. These citations are the little numbers in parentheses. They take you directly to the source of information I am writing about. In some cases, articles are available as "Open Access". This means that you can read them and print them out without charge. Many articles can be obtained by contacting a local health library associated with a medical school.  This is discussed in the October 23, 2019 blog post, "Working with PCPs II".   


Key Articles: This list summarizes core Sjogren's clinical concepts contained in each article. It can be helpful when talking with PCPs, rheumatologists and others about aspects of Sjogren's they may not be familiar. You can download the PDF (check for updates!), print it out, and share it with your clinicians. 

Direct links to Citations and Key Articles pages is in the footer.

Other sections are planned for the future: 

  • Reliability of research studies and other resources

  • Misconceptions and biases in Sjogren's research

  • Gaps in Sjogren's knowledge- What is missing?

More to follow

Updated 3-16-22