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  • Sarah Schafer, MD

How to help Sjogren's Advocate

As I explained in my email from 03/20/21 (feel free to jump to the Instructions if you already read the email), I need your helping making the content on Sjogren’s Advocate easy to read and understand.

I have a wonderful editor, Rebecca (Bexi) Lobo, PhD, who is a fellow Sjogren’s patient. Rebecca’s strong science and professional editing background make her uniquely suited to help me with Sjogren’s Advocate. She is an incredible asset. If you find Sjogren’s Advocate easier to understand and use, you have her to thank. Despite her own health challenges, she has been incredibly generous with her time. I am deeply grateful.

The recent design upgrade unexpectedly destroyed some of the formatting and many of the links on every webpage and blog post on Sjogren's Advocate. As you can imagine, this has been time consuming to fix. I’ve set aside work on new content for several weeks in order to make these corrections, but it's taking longer than I anticipated. I need help finding the errors so I can correct them quickly and get back to publishing new content.

I want to reserve Rebecca’s precious editing time for the “hard stuff”, which is why I am asking for your help in reviewing a Sjogren’s Advocate webpage or blog post of your choice. While I fix the formatting and hyperlinks, I'd also like to fix any content on each page that is difficult to read or understand. Your feedback is valuable and is your chance to make the information on Sjogren's Advocate more accessible to you.

Everyone's feedback will be much appreciated. I’m hoping for feedback from as many patient volunteers as possible; especially those who are new to Sjogren’s and/or those who don’t have a science or medical background.

Instructions: How to review a page or a blog post

Please choose a page or a blog post and provide feedback, however brief, on each of the six items listed below. You may choose any webpage or blog post that interests you. The less familiar you are with the topic, the better. If you don’t know what to choose, please review one of these pages for me: Out of ESSDAI Features, Labs for Diagnosis, or Sicca Features.

Please note that all of the webpages will eventually be upgraded to look like the Sjogren’s Is Common page, with Key Concepts listed at the top and nicely designed pop out boxes for patient stories, my commentary and academic information. In other words, don’t bother to give feedback on the design, colors, and structure of the page; they will be changing!

Email your comments on items 1-6 (below) to

1. Name the page or blog post that you reviewed.

For webpages: copy the URL or state the title of the page.

For blog posts: indicate both the date published and the title of the blog post.

2. If possible, please check the page or blog post on all the types of devices you own:

desktop/laptop (Apple or PC), tablet/iPad, smart phone (iPhone or Android). List the

device(s) you used for editing.

3. Read through the page or blog post. Does it make sense overall? Is there something

important that I did not explain well or that I totally missed?

4. Note any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or usage problems. Copy and paste the problem sentence(s) here and copy and paste the heading (usually in larger, teal-colored text) of the section on the page/post where the problem is located.

5. Check the links on the page/post. Do they go to the intended place? Copy and paste the heading of the section on the page or the exact location and name of any problem links.

6. Check the links to the citations. These are the underlined salmon-colored numbers in

parentheses. See if the citation number matches the number on the citations page

(the citations page is linked in the footer of every page). If a citation is not underlined, it

probably refers to a book or other document that has no direct link. Please check the

citations page to make sure that is the case.

If item 6 is too hard to do, just let me know that you skipped item 6.

Don't be shy about feedback. If we have not already met online, I would love a brief introduction from you. I would like to get to know you better but ask that you not be disappointed if you do not get a response from me. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Thank you for participating. I want Sjogren’s Advocate to work for you.

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