• Sarah Schafer, MD

New Year Update

Updated: May 9, 2020

I’m chomping at the bit to write about ongoing care, starting with newly diagnosed patients. There will be a bit of a delay: I broke my right hand in mid-December when I whacked it on a stair rail. I am happy to finally be able to hunt and peck on my keyboard this week.

Please consider the Sjogren's Foundation (SF at www.sjogrens.org) in your year-end giving. They speak for the needs of patients, and advocate for us with clinicians, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies. Staff members have provided valuable support for my teaching ventures and writing projects. They are passionate advocates. I know they truly “get it.”

Without the SF, we would not have clinical practice guidelines. There would not be new treatments in the pipeline. In the past, we have simply “borrowed” systemic treatments from related diseases without good clinical data. This is changing.

While the Sjogrens Advocate website is completely independent of the SF, I am a proud and enthusiastic member. I can say that their work has definitely improved my life. Please check out their website, especially the numerous patient resources. They are a goldmine of information!


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