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Sjogren's Advocate - a user's guide

Updated: Aug 20

The Sjogren's Advocate Navigation Guide

For Newcomers and everyone else

  • Start with the HOME page to learn what Sjogren's Advocate can do for you.

  • Meet Dr. Sarah Schafer. My experience as a doctor-patient gives me a unique perspective. This helps me understand how patients can advocate to achieve timely I timely diagnosis and comprehensive care.

  • The footer is a hidden gem. You can look up words in the Glossary, access references in the Citations, and Contact me. Be sure to read the disclaimer page. Sjogren's Advocate is for educational purposes only and not to be used for medical advice.

  • Learn about the purpose of Citations and how to use them. See these blog posts What are all those numbers in parentheses?

  • Web pages and handouts are updated on a routine basis. The most recent revision date is noted at the bottom of each page.

  • Blog posts cover a wide range of topics. Some posts are limited informational content. Others include opinions and commentary, or a mix of both.

Subscribers are notified of new blog posts and website pages via email. If you subscribe, expect 2-3 emails per month. You must routinely click on the emails and link to the site, or Wix will automatically unsubscribe you!

Why Sjogren's Advocate? Isn’t there already a good website for Sjogren’s?

Yes, there is one. The website of the Sjogren’s Foundation (SF). I didn’t write the word “one” accidentally. Mainstream medical websites (e.g., ACR and Mayo clinic) do not adequately reflect the current understanding of Sjogren’s as a serious systemic disease. This is misleading to clinicians and patients alike.

Sjogrens Advocate provides specific self-advocacy tools and basic PCP education. This website is independent of the Sjogren's Foundation. The content of webpages and blog posts are entirely my responsibility. The scope of my work is a sliver compared to the broad and impactful work of the SF. For more details about the unique role of Sjogrens Advocate, please read The Real Reason for Sjogrens Advocate blog post (1-22-19).

I highly recommend that you use Sjogrens Advocate in conjunction with Sjogren’s Foundation (www.sjogrens.org). I will highlight some of my favorite features and other Sjogren’s Foundation resources in the next blog post.

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