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  • Sarah Schafer, MD

The videos are here!

Updated: May 22, 2021

Recordings from the 2020 Dysautonomia International Conference are now available for online viewing. Video Reviews

Do you have abnormal sweating, lightheadedness, brain fog, “irritable bowel syndrome,” severe constipation, or trouble with food getting stuck in your throat after you swallow? These are common problems for Sjogren’s patients. They are often caused, or partly caused, by abnormal function of the autonomic nervous system. The medical term for this is “dysautonomia” (dis-auto-NOM-ia). Yes, you do need to learn this term!

Most Sjogren’s patients have some sort of dysautonomia, often undiagnosed. This is why it is so important to learn about this topic. Sjogren’s was repeatedly mentioned during the conference. It is the number one autoimmune cause of POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome).

Why is dysautonomia so often overlooked? This is a neglected area of medicine, regardless of the underlying cause. Many rheumatologists are not familiar with dysautonomia and may not recognize even severe cases. This happened to me when I first developed POTS. When rheumatologists don’t know to look for it or how to look for it, they don’t find it. Sjogren’s patients often need to drive the effort to get diagnostic tests and referrals to specialists who understand dysautonomia. This is usually a neurologist, but it could be a neurogastroenterologist, a cardiologist, or a primary care provider who has a special interest in the topic.

How can you access the videos? You can view the videos by signing up for free at Please contact Dysautonomia International, not me, if you have trouble signing up or viewing the videos. Please do not contact me about technical questions. I’m under the impression that the videos are only temporarily available, but I’m not sure.

Why should you watch the videos? Watching the videos will help you learn if you have dysautonomia symptoms that need attention.

Which videos should you watch? The conference was packed with information. I made it easy to choose by writing notes about the videos I watched. My special recommendations (in red) will help you choose those that are especially pertinent to Sjogren’s patients. I will continue adding reviews, so keep checking back.

See my video reviews

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