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ONGOING CARE:  Everyone with Sjogren’s needs to work with a core health care team.  At a minimum, this includes a rheumatologist, a PCP, an ophthalmologist and a dentist. Women should receive routine gynecologic care.  Each provider should be familiar with the special needs of Sjogren’s patients. This includes monitoring for progression, complications and comorbidities  (See Newly diagnosed )

LIFESTYLE:  This section will discuss diet, exercise, sleep, and other things that you can do to support your health.

TREATMENT:  The focus will be on general concepts, such as how to think about treatment choices, rather than detailed information about when individual treatments are indicated. Each Sjogren's patient is unique.  Treatment (western medical and otherwise) should be customized to individual needs. These needs will change over time. 


CPGs: A good place to start 

​Please share the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) with your health care professionals.  I recommend printing them out and taking them in to the appropriate provider:  Oral to your dentist, Ocular to your eye doctor and Systemic to your rheumatologist and PCP. 

This website and blog are to be used for general information only.  The content is not intended to be used for individual medical advice.  Please consult with your clinician for all decisions about your health care.

Updated  3-3-21