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Exploring Sjogren's Videos, Sjogren's Foundation

Highly recommended. Videos one and two of the Season One series are a must see for newly diagnosed patients and their friends and family. 

Exploring Sjogren's: Fatigue and Sjogren's 
This video makes some important points, but fails to mention that abnormal autonomic nervous system control of heart rate and blood pressure ("dysautonomia") often contributes to Sjogren's fatigue, brain fog, lightheadedness, and exercise intolerance. If you have dysautonomia that impacts your heart rate and blood pressure, that must be addressed in order to get much benefit from exercise. For details about how to exercise safely and successfully with Sjogren's fatigue, please see this blog post. 

Sjogren's self care video by Dr. Elizabeth Price (UK)

Reviews eye and oral care- and explains the reasons behind the recommendations based on the disease process. Discusses the importance of fitness, with a few basic recommendations. Excellent Q and A although disagree w/ her statement that neuropathy is uncommon, because it is common but under-diagnosed, especially small fiber neuropathy and autonomic disorders (dysautonomia). Go elsewhere to learn about POTS; her comments about POTS were not very helpful in my view.  

"What is Sjogren's Syndrome? video by Sue Masterson

This beautiful 45-second video is useful for showing friends and family that Sjogren's disease is more than just dryness. Rather than the longer, 10-minute Exploring Sjogren's, they might be more inclined to watch this short introduction. The average viewer will not care if the phrase "Sjogren's syndrome" or the more modern phrase "Sjogren's disease" is used.


This video illustrates that an immune attack on epithelial cells causes damage in Sjogren's disease. Keep in mind that a 45-second video cannot capture the entire picture. Clinicians must always look out for systemic involvement, which can harm organs, nerves, and more when other cell types are attacked.

Small Fiber Neuropathy  (SFN) and "Fibromyalgia"

Dr. Oaklander, a premier expert on this common condition in Sjogren's patients, explains SFN in this video.  "Fibromyalgia" in Sjogren's may be caused by SFN.  Dr. Farhad's video is short and explains why this is the case. 

Dry Eye Disease 

A wonderful, practical, 30-minute video about dry eye disease. Please note that blindness is a rare but serious outcome has been documented in severe cases of Sjogren's dry eye. (The presenter stated that dry eye disease did not result in blindness). 

Updated 12-05-2022

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