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Dr. Schafer has extremely limited time and energy.

She will not respond to requests for individual advice, information or referrals even if you have supported Sjogren's Advocate with a donation or gift. 
Thank you for understanding.

Please DO NOT:

Please DO:

  • share feedback on what would improve your experience using Sjogren's Advocate and any unclear writing, typos, errors, and links that don't work,

  • share your words of encouragement, gratitude and support,
    they are meaningful and much appreciated;

  • share your stories of how you've used Sjogren's Advocate for self-advocacy, both the successes and disappointments, (your stories are inspiring and informative);

  • send in new information and articles you think may be useful.
    Before you share a journal article, please search PubMed to make sure it is not a fake article, i.e., generated by artificial intelligence (AI). If you don’t know how to do this please do not send the article.

Thank you for using Dr. Schafer's time and energy, and yours, wisely.

Updated 03-20-2024

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