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I welcome general questions, comments, and feedback. Patient stories often inspire and guide my work.

As much as I would like to answer questions about your individual situation, please do not write to me asking for personal medical advice, such as diagnosis, treatments, or referrals. I cannot offer individual medical advice or substitute in any way for direct care. See the disclaimers page for details.

I encourage you to join Smart Patients where you can search threads and post new questions to the Sjogren’s patient community about your individual care.  

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Updated 2-15-21

I welcome comments and questions but please do not write to me asking for personal medical advice. 

This website is for education and information purposes only

and does not substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.

Please consult with your clinician about your medical care.   

Sjogren’s Advocate is completely independent of the Sjogren’s Foundation.

I am solely responsible for the content herein.

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