Important! You must open emails and click on the website regularly to maintain subscriber status. Wix automatically unsubscribes people who do not stay active on the site. 


If you do not get two or three emails a month, check your spam folder and "Promotions folder" (gmail) for old emails. Then click on a few Sjogrens Advocate emails to re-activate your subscription.  Or simply resubscribe.


Add in your contacts to ensure that emails will go to your inbox.  

Another odd Wix feature:  I discovered on 11-22-19 that Wix has an algorithm that excludes some subscribers, perhaps 10 %, from receiving emails. They would not share with me how this decision is made. What I could glean is that you are more likely to get emails every time if you are active on the website. Please know that each time a website page is added a blog post will announce the new material.  Unless I can arrange a workaround to this unfortunate feature, I recommend checking blog posts routinely.  

Updated 11-23-19