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Subscribe to the Sjogren's Advocate mailing list to be notified when new material is added to the site and for other important information related to Sjogren's Advocate and Sjogren's care and advocacy.

By subscribing to the Sjogren's Advocate mailing list you are confirming that you:

  • have read and agree with the information on the DISCLAIMERS and CONTACT pages and

  • understand that the information provided on Sjogren's Advocate is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice or a substitute for consulting with a qualified healthcare professional.  


You must open emails and click on the website almost every time to remain subscribed to the Sjogren's Advocate mailing list.

Sjogren’s Advocate is hosted by Wix, which uses an algorithm that automatically chooses which subscribers to send emails to based on how active you are on Sjogren’s Advocate. You will be automatically unsubscribed if you do not regularly open the email updates and click on the links to Sjogren's Advocate pages.  

Too brain-fogged, fatigued, or overwhelmed to read new material?

Please still open the email and click on the links to Sjogren's Advocate, to remain subscribed to the mailing list. Go back later to read the content.  


Subscribed but not getting emails?

If you don't get one or two Sjogren’s Advocate emails a month, check your spam folder and, if using Gmail, your "Promotions" folder.  If you find previous Sjogren’s Advocate emails in "Spam" or "Promotions", please add to your contacts to ensure emails will go to your inbox. Then click on a few old Sjogren’s Advocate emails and visit the website to re-activate your subscription. Alternatively, you can re-subscribe. 


​To passively unsubscribe...

Do nothing. Don't open the emails, don't click on the links to Sjogren's Advocate. Wix’s algorithm will automatically stop sending emails from Sjogren's Advocate if you don't regularly open the emails and click the links to visit the website. 

To actively unsubscribe...

Click the (tiny) unsubscribe button at the bottom of any Sjogren's Advocate email. 

Updated 03-19-2024

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