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Lifestyle changes help many people with Sjogren’s feel better.

It is great to feel better after making healthier lifestyle choices. It is important to know that if your symptoms improve, this does not mean your disease is inactive or cured. SJOGREN'S IS SERIOUS. Damage sometimes occurs without producing obvious symptoms. That is why lifestyle approaches should support, not replace, ongoing monitoring and medical management.  I don't write a lot about lifestyle because the time is simply not there for me to give it justice

Many Sjogren’s patients focus on diet because it is something they control. Some people choose extreme diets, hoping that this will turn the disease around. Diet is important, but severe restrictions are not necessary and can become another source of stress. Sleep, exercise, stress reduction, and what you breathe in and put on your skin are also important.


Be an informed consumer
It is important to use reliable sources of information. The information on this page comes from sources that I trust. Much of the health and wellness information that you read online is not based on evidence, and can even be harmful.
Beware of wellness influencers, including some doctors, who claim they know how to cure your autoimmune disease. They prey on people who are willing to part with theirs money in a desperate attempt to get well. For example, you can read about a psychiatrist who claims she can cure lupus through her special program. 

Click on this blog post by Dr. Susan Masterson to learn more about being an informed consumer of health information.

Dr. Susan Masterson, PhD (Psychology)

See the Lifestyle support blog post to learn more about Dr. Susan Masterson and find links to her blog including a few of my favorite posts.  

Website:  Autoimmune Self-Care Patients find her blog posts relatable, inspiring, and practical. 

YouTube Channel: Stress reduction and educational videos.

Dr. Kara Wada, MD, aka The Crunchy Allergist

Dr. Kara Wada is an allergist / immunologist, who, like me, is a medical doctor living with Sjogren's. I was delighted to find someone who offers lifestyle approaches that hit the spot: the right balance of scientifically minded and practical. 

While Dr. Wada covers some medical topics, especially those related to allergy and immunology, her passion is helping patients implement lifestyle measures that can support their health and help them feel better. Her blog posts and podcasts include topics such as diet, supplements, sleep, and stress. She explains what Sjogren's patients need to know about the immune system, allergies, and sensitivities. I am grateful to have this resource to complement my work on Sjogren's Advocate.

Find the links to all of  Dr. Wada's work on this PDF, including her website, The Crunchy Allergist. 

Click on the resources tab at  to learn more about her podcasts and blog posts.

You Tube Channel

Updated 04-02-2024

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