Sjogren's Advocate was created for educational purposes only. Decisions about your medical care must be made directly with your clinician.  Please do not write to me asking for personal medical advice. This website is not intended as a substitute for individual medical advice, tests, or treatments. The content of this website is to be used for general information only.


Sjogren's Advocate is designed to support, not replace, the advice of your physician or other health care professional. Each patient is unique. Clinicians should use their best judgment, taking into account each patient’s needs as well as the medical system that they work in. Please consult with your clinician for decisions about your health care. Information in this website is to be used solely at your own risk.

The practical information contained in this website is not an “official” guideline approved by the Sjogren's Foundation or any medical board or rheumatology organization. In an ideal world, a website like this would not be needed. Medical schools and residency programs would provide training commensurate with such a common and serious disease. Because Sjogren's is neglected at all levels of medical education (see blog posts Aug/ Sept. 2019), I am providing basic clinical information and strategies for both PCPs and patients.

The opinions expressed in this website are my own and do not represent the Sjögren’s Foundation. My objective is to complement, not replace, the wide range of excellent, up-to-date information provided by the Sjogren’s Foundation (SF), at www.sjogrens.org. My website and blog are largely based on my interpretation of the medical and scientific literature. You you will find links to all citations in parentheses. 

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This website addresses Sjogren’s in adult patients. While Sjogren’s is rare in children, it does occur. Children with Sjogren’s often present with atypical and incomplete clinical features. Sjogrens Advocate does not attempt to address pediatric Sjogren's.

Updated 9-29-20