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Sjogren’s-Specific Lab References

​​Johns Hopkins Sjogren’s Center - A fairly detailed description of blood and urine tests used for Sjogren’s patients. 

Labs used in the diagnosis of Sjogren's (not including lip biopsy). This page does not describe ongoing monitoring.   


Autoantibody Tests (e.g., ANA, SS-A, SS-B)

In-depth review of autoantibodies for many diseases, including Sjogren’s - ​an open access academic article by Didlier et al.

​​Johns Hopkins Sjogren’s Center

AVISE blood test for lupus - described by Donald Thomas, MD

General Lab Test Information

Lab Tests Online - Good general info, but not specific for Sjogren’s and does not cover SS-A and SS-B. There is a good, brief definition autoantibodies on this site. However, their comments about CRP and ESR in Sjogren’s are inaccurate.   

Nuance Of Lab Testing

Blog post by Kara Wada, MD, an allergist, immunologist, and Sjogren's patient

Updated 06-02-2023

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