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Sjogren’s-Specific Lab References

LAB TESTS THAT SUPPORT A SJOGREN'S DIAGNOSIS (not including lip biopsy). This page does not describe tests for ongoing monitoring.  



Johns Hopkins Sjogren’s Center provides a fairly detailed description of blood tests (ANA, SSA, SSB autoantibodies, etc.) and urine tests used for the diagnosis and monitoring of suspected Sjogren’s. 


Autoantibody Tests (e.g., ANA, SSA, SSB)

"Autoantibodies associated with connective tissue diseases; what meaning for clinicians?" an open access, academic article that provides an in-depth review of autoantibodies for many diseases, including Sjogren’s, by Didlier et al.​​

"Positive ANA workup - is it lupus or not?" by Donald Thomas, MD, describes, among other things, the AVISE blood test for lupus. This page explains more about the ANA test and why some ANA tests are more accurate than others.

"What is an ANA test?" by Brandon Law, MD, a rheumatologist dedicated to managing the systemic manifestations of Sjögren's disease.

"About SSA and SSB" by Brandon Law, MD, a rheumatologist 
dedicated to managing the systemic manifestations of Sjögren's disease.

General Lab Test Information

Learn More About Lab Tests is a website with "detailed, expert-reviewed guides" of lab tests. The site provides good general information that is not specific for Sjogren’s and does not cover SSA and SSB autoantibodies. There is a good, brief definition of autoantibodies on this site. However, their comments about CRP and ESR in Sjogren’s are inaccurate.   

The Nuances Of Lab Testing

"​Digging into the nuance of labs" by Kara Wada, MD, an allergist, immunologist, and Sjogren's patient,

discusses the nuances and misinformation around laboratory tests for autoantibodies, allergies, food sensitivities, and environmental tests (e.g., mold, heavy metals). 

Diagnostic Imaging

"CT Scan versus MRI versus X-Ray: what type of imaging do I need?"
Note that High Resolution CT (HRCT), not regular CT, is needed to diagnose Sjogren's lung disease.

Updated 07-23-2023

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