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Tips on how to navigate and find information on the Sjogren's Advocate website and blog.

Key Concepts


The information on Sjogren’s Advocate is curated by me from a variety of credible scientific resources: the medical literature, continuing medical education programs, books, National Patient conferences, and the Sjogren’s Foundation. Once gathered, I synthesize and present my findings to you as information, resources, self-advocacy tools, and strategies you can use to get better support and care of Sjogren’s. Links to the source materials are provided as citations.  


The information on Sjogren’s Advocate is divided into a blog and pages. The pages are organized into five main sections, which you can access at the top of any page: ABOUT SJOGREN’S, DIAGNOSIS, SJOGREN’S CARE, SELF-ADVOCACY, and RESOURCES. Each section title has a page that lists and links to all the pages in that section.

Detailed information about Sjogren's and self-advocacy tools are published on both the blog and website pages, both of which are periodically updated to reflect new knowledge.  


Find information by:

1. using the search bar in the header to search the website pages and blog posts, 

2. going to the section title pages for a list and links to pages within that section,  

3. clicking the Read Blog link in the top right corner of the header to look through the blog posts.

Please download and print the PDF document below for instructions on how to find various features of Sjogren’s Advocate when on your smartphone.


Please do not read Sjogren's Advocate using a tablet or iPad. Some features of the site may not function the same as when you are on your computer or smartphone.


How To Use Sjogren's Advocate On Your Smartphone

Use The Search Bar To Look For Topics On Pages & Blog Posts

Enter your search term into the search bar (located in the top right corner of the header) to view all the pages and blog posts on Sjogren’s Advocate that contain your search term or similar terms. 


For example, if you enter "small fiber neuropathy" into the search bar, there are currently a total of 58 search results: 28 are pages and 30 are blog posts.

Choose the item that looks like it might answer your query and click on it. 

Search Bar.png

Use The Section Title Pages To Find Information 

1. At the top of every page, in the header, you will find a list of section titles (Arrow 1, below). Click on the section title to go to the section title page, which contains a list and links to all the pages within that section.


The yellow dropdown menu DOES NOT show and link to all the pages in the section, but the section title pages do. 

2. Main page titles are indicated by teal text that's underlined and hyperlinked to the page (Arrow 2, below). Click on this text to go to the page.

3. Pages that support the main page are indicated with hyperlinked teal text and a light teal highlight (Arrow 3, below). Click on the text to go to that page.

Section Title Page.png

Read The Blog

Click the Read Blog link in the top right corner of the header, above the search bar. 



1. Click here for tips on how to read a Sjogren's Advocate page.

2. Use the links in the footer (at the bottom of the page).


Learning about Sjogren’s requires learning medical and scientific terms, which may be new to you.


The Glossary page defines frequently used terms and what they mean in the context of Sjogren's.  Access the Glossary by clicking the link in the left corner of the footer (see image aboveor from the Resources page. 


What are all those numbers in parentheses? Citations. explains what citations are and how you can use them for self-advocacy, especially when addressing misperceptions about Sjogren’s.


The link to the Citations page is located in the footer (see image above).

Updated 01-20-2024

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