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Because Sjogren’s can take a significant toll on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, this section connects you to a wide variety of resources for support and self-advocacy.  


Learning about Sjogren’s can be like learning a new language. There are lots of new terms and words you need to know. This page defines how specific terms are used in the context of Sjogren’s. 

Websites, Blogs, & Videos

This page links to websites, academic institutions, blogs, books, and videos that contain reliable, science-based information about Sjogren's disease. 

Sjogren's By Organ & System

This page provides links to information and resources organized by organ and/or system impacted by Sjogren’s.  

Support & Clinics

This page lists patient support groups, Sjogren's clinics, Sjogren's clinical trials, and resources to help navigate disability and social services.

Printable Handouts For Clinicians

This page provides printable versions of the Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sjogren’s and other appropriate articles on Sjogren’s that you can share and discuss with your rheumatologist and other clinicians.

Medical Tests

This page lists websites and articles that address the tests and methods used to diagnose and assess Sjogren’s.


Find links to reliable sources of information about diet, stress reduction, exercise and other ways that you can support your health. 

Patient Stories & Advocacy

Read first-hand accounts of what's it's like to live with Sjogren's and find out what other people with Sjogren's have done to raise community awareness.

Updated 02-23-2024

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