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Sjogren’s can take a significant toll on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

This page connects you with resources and self-advocacy tools with which to support yourself.

Support Groups

Patient support groups are a great way to find other Sjogren’s patients with whom to share ideas, information, products that work, and resources for supporting yourself. 

Sjogren's Clinics

There are a few specialty clinics for Sjogren's in the U.S.  Most patients will need to work with local clinicians for ongoing care. The clinics I've listed are helpful for consultation if you are having trouble getting diagnosed or establishing a treatment plan. 

Caution: Some clinicians and clinics that claim to specialize in Sjogren's do not provide up to date care.
The ones I listed are highly regarded.  


MY PUBLICATIONS lists articles I’ve published as an MD with Sjogren’s.

BOOKS FOR SELF-ADVOCACY lists three excellent books to counter dismissive or incorrect statements made by clinicians. 

Websites & Blogs About Sjogren's Disease & Comorbidity

Links to reliable, science-based information about Sjogren's disease.
This page describes the problem of outdated, inaccurate information that persists on many academic websites. 

Diagnostic Tests

Lists websites and articles that address the tests and methods used to diagnose and assess Sjogren’s.

Lifestyle Resources

Find links to reliable sources of information about diet, stress reduction, exercise and other ways that you can support your health. 


If you’re tired of reading, learn about Sjogren’s and Sjogren’s care, dry eye disease, small fiber neuropathy, dysautonomia, and cardiovascular dysautonomias via video.   

Updated 11-13-2023

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