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Sjogren's-related publications by Sarah Schafer, MD and Sjogren's patient

Articles published in Sjogren's Foundation newsletters and blog

Caring for others-and yourself-while living on the edge  (2011)

How to talk to your family about Sjogren's  (2014)

Sjogren's vs sicca syndrome (2014)

Why doesn't my doctor understand Sjogren's?  (2017)

Article published in The Rheumatologist

Speak out rheum: Under the Radar  (2013) 

A note about the "Under the Radar" article:

This article was published in The Rheumatologist, a newsletter of the American College of Rheumatology, 2013. At time I wrote this article, the actual prevalence of systemic manifestations was just starting to be understood. I quoted an unrealistically low number for this. Over the past decade, it is become clear that Sjogren's is always systemic and that serious, and occasionally life-threatening manifestations may occur.  Common systemic features often remain undiagnosed, including lung disease, autonomic disorders and neuropathies.


Many journal articles still quote unrealistically low percentages of the people impacted with systemic manifestations (25-40%). The numbers are trending upward, but rarely reflect the undeniable evidence of the systemic nature of the disease (38). See the Sjogren's Is More Than "Just Sicca" handout for more information. 

Updated 08-15-2022

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