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Core Handouts For Rheumatologists And Other Clinicians
Most of these core handouts are sponsored by or related to the Sjogren's Foundation.

Please see the HANDOUTS FOR CLINICIANS page to learn how to choose and share Sjogren's educational material with your clinicians.

You will find specific articles that you can share with your clinicians throughout this website, especially on the MYTHS ABOUT SJOGREN'S and MYTHS ABOUT DIAGNOSIS pages. 

See the DYSAUTONOMIA/POTS page for clinician handouts about autonomic disorders.

Sjogren's Systemic Clinical Practice Guidelines (Systemic CPGs)

Every rheumatologist and PCP should be given a copy of the Systemic CPGs. These CPGs cover treatment of musculoskeletal pain (joint and muscle pain) and fatigue. They also have a special section that reviews the use of biological therapies such as rituximab. Offer the journal article (next item) with the Systemic CPGs to increase the likelihood that these are taken seriously. 

Journal article explaining details of Sjogren's Systemic CPGs
Open access (free) journal article that explains the details of the Systemic CPGs, who made them and the process of creating them. Print out the PDF version to share.  


Sjogren's Pulmonary Clinical Practice Guidelines (Pulmonary CPGs)  Every rheumatologist, pulmonologist, and PCP should be given a copy of the pulmonary , along with the journal article (next item), which provides details of how these guidelines were developed. The first page of the summary provides an excellent overview of Sjogren's lung disease. It documents the very high rates of lung disease even in asymptomatic patients. It states the importance of evaluating Sjogren's patients with chronic cough for lung disease.

Journal article explaining details of Sjogren's Pulmonary Clinical Practice Guidelines

Open access (free) journal article that details screening, evaluation, and treatment of Sjogren's lung disease.


The Sjogren's Foundation Diagnosis Handout
See Why is it so hard to get diagnosed?  and MYTHS ABOUT DIAGNOSIS to learn how to advocate for diagnosis, especially if you are SSA negative and/or do not fit the Sjogren's classification criteria. 

The Sjogren's Is More Than "Just Sicca" handout and User Guide
Shows how we know, based on scientific evidence, that Sjogren's is a serious, multi-system disease and never limited to sicca. The link to the handout is on the User Guide. Please read the User Guide carefully to 

understand how to use the handout effectively. 

ICD-10 codes for Sjogren's- Sjogren's Quarterly article October 2021

Introduces new ICD-10 codes, with new ones that reflect the systemic nature of the disease. The article provides an excellent explanation about why Sjogren's should not be called "sicca syndrome". This is especially helpful when encountering rheumatologists (and other clinicians) who incorrectly view Sjogren's as limited to sicca (dryness).  Click here to learn tips for using this handout effectively. 


Editorial about Patient Perspective by K. M. Hammitt of the Sjogren's Foundation.

Great introduction to the struggles patients face with Sjogren's care. Every rheumatologist, Sjogren's patient, and family member should read this!  (Click on the orange box, "free to view" for the PDF.)

Sjogren's Foundation Living with Sjogren's 2021 Patient Survey (U.S.)
Documents loss of quality of life and function experienced by most patients. Because of Sjogren's, 42% have to reduce work hours, and 30% stop working altogether. Large percentages reported Sjogren's impacting on exercise, hobbies, social activities, and travel/ vacations. 36% report impact on activities of daily living. 


Oral & Eye Handouts

Sjogren's Clinical Practice Guidelines, Oral

This should be shared with dental providers. It may also be helpful for rheumatologists or PCPs if for prescribing secretagogues (salivary stimulants). 

Sjogren's Clinical Practice Guidelines, Ocular

This should be shared with eye providers. It may also be helpful for rheumatologists or PCPs to understand the treatment of Sjogren's's dry eye disease.  

Other Clinician Handouts

What every clinician needs to know about Sjogren’s from a physician turned patient
By Kara Wada, MD.  Website and blog at


Brito-Zeron, P, Ramos-Casals M. Systemic Sjogrens: More than a sicca disease.

Two renowned Sjogren's experts review these basics: Sjogren's is common, serious, and systemic. 

Article that summarizes small fiber neuropathy in Sjogren's patients.

Sjogren's should not be called secondary.

Why Language Matters, Sjogren's Quarterly, Fall 2020

POTS Screening: standing test instructions

Updated 04-03-2024

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