CORE HANDOUTS for rheumatologists and other clinicians
Each of these core handouts is Sjogren's Foundation sponsored or related

Clinical Practice Guidelines, Systemic

Every rheumatologist and PCP should be given a copy of this. It covers treatment of musculoskeletal pain (joint and muscle pain) and fatigue. It also has a special section that reviews the use of biological therapies such as rituximab. 

Sjogren's Pulmonary Clinical Practice Guidelines Summary.  Every rheumatologist, pulmonologist, and PCP should be given a copy. It is a summary of the journal article, which may also be helpful to provide.

The first page of the summary provides an excellent overview of Sjogren's lung disease. It documents the very high rates of lung disease even in asymptomatic patients. It states the importance of evaluating Sjogren's patients with chronic cough for lung disease.

Sjogren's Pulmonary Clinical Practice Guidelines- article  

Open access journal article that details screening, evaluation, and treatment of Sjogren's lung disease.

 Note: If you are printing this out, use the PDF version. The link is at the top of the page. 

ICD-10 codes for Sjogren's- Sjogren's Quarterly article October 2021

Introduces new ICD-10 codes, with new ones that reflect the systemic nature of the disease. The article provides an excellent explanation about why Sjogren's should not be called "sicca syndrome". This is especially helpful for rheumatologists (and other clinicians) who incorrectly view Sjogren's as limited to sicca

Editorial about Patient Perspective by K. M. Hammitt of Sjogren's Foundation.

Great introduction to the struggles patients face with Sjogren's care. Every rheumatologist, Sjogren's patient, and family member should read this!  (Click on the orange box, "free to view" for the PDF.)

Oral and Eye handouts

Sjogren's Clinical Practice Guidelines, Oral

This should be shared with dental providers. It may also be helpful for rheumatologists or PCPs if for prescribing secretagogues (salivary stimulants). 

Sjogren's Clinical Practice Guidelines, Ocular

This should be shared with eye providers. It may also be helpful for rheumatologists or PCPs to understand the treatment of Sjogren's's dry eye disease.  

Other clinician handouts 

Brito-Zeron, P, Ramos-Casals M. Systemic Sjogrens: More than a sicca disease.

Two renowned Sjogren's experts review these basics: Sjogren's is common, serious, and systemic. 

Key Articles:  PDF version is printable. Clinicians are invited to read the annotations (brown font) for a quick clinical review of Sjogren's. The PDF needs some updating to reflect newer information on dysautonomia and Sjogren's lung disease.

Letter to PCPs

Sjogren's should not be called Secondary

Why Language Matters, Sjogren's Quarterly, Fall 2020

POTS Screening: 

Standing test instructions

Updated 10-13-2021