Printable handouts for clinicians

For rheumatologists and other clinicians

Clinical Practice Guidelines, Systemic (Sjogren's Foundation)

Link to the Systemic Guidelines to print it out.    

Sjogren's Pulmonary Clinical Practice Guidelines (Sjogren's Foundation) 
Open access article, currently in pre-print form. 

Editorial about Patient Perspective by K. M. Hammitt of Sjogren's Foundation.

Great introduction to the struggles patients face with Sjogren's care. Every rheumatologist, Sjogren's patient, and family member should read this! 

Brito-Zeron, P, Ramos-Casals M. Systemic Sjogrens: More than a sicca disease.

Two renowned Sjogren's experts review these basics: Sjogren's is common, serious, and systemic. 

Key Articles:  PDF version is printable. Clinicians are invited to read the annotations (brown font) for a quick clinical review of Sjogren's. The PDF needs some updating to reflect newer information on dysautonomia and lSjogren's llung disease.

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