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What are all those numbers in parentheses?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

You have probably noticed that a lot of numbers inside parentheses are scattered throughout the website and blog. These are citations. Citations tell you the specific references that I use to back up my work. To make things easier, I provide direct links to abstracts or entire articles when possible. Simply click on the underlined number. When a direct link is not possible, such as citation 10, the information can be found on the citations page.

While some journal articles are a bit technical for most patients, the abstracts (summaries) explain the main points. Most clinicians can order articles through their medical library. Some health libraries will photocopy and send articles to patients free of charge. I have used the Stanford Health Library for this in the past.

The citations can be very helpful for self-advocacy, especially when addressing misperceptions about Sjogren’s. For example, if a clinician tells you that Sjogren’s is not serious, but “just a dryness disease,” you can suggest (diplomatically) that they take a look at the Always Systemic page. This page cites multiple articles that support the current understanding of Sjogren’s as a serious multi-systemic disease.

Alternatively, you can print out this recent overview by Brito-Zeron and Ramos-Casals, Systemic Sjogrens: More Than a Sicca Disease. (24) <--- click here

You might even use a highlighter pen on this part of the section, “Future Directions,” before sharing with your clinician:

“The clinical approach of patients with pSS has traditionally focused on the study and characterization of glandular involvement, even though pSS is undeniably more than a sicca disease. In fact, pSS is still diagnosed using criteria exclusively focused on glandular involvement, and this occurs despite the fact that a long list of extraglandular features involving the majority of organs and systems has been reported over the past 30 years.”

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