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Exploring Sjogren's

The SSF just posted an amazing set of 2 videos on YouTube- perfect for Sjogren's patients, family and friends. I would also recommend these videos for non-Sjogren's savvy clinicians and other health care practitioners- I'll bet you know a few!

I can't recommend these videos enough. They are clear, concise and touch on many important points. The information can help loved ones understand that the disease is serious, systemic, and complex. Episode 2 addresses the frustration that patients feel at being dismissed or having their symptoms trivialized. The videos capture the key points about the disease and highlight the real-life experience of patients.

Exploring Sjogren's Episode 1- What is Sjogren's? 10 minutes

Exploring Sjogren's Episode 2- Living with Sjogren's. 11 minutes

I am super excited about these videos- they really hit the nail on the head. The videos feature Sjogren's experts, leaders and patients, providing great information and a broad perspective. Check them out! Well done, SSF!

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