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How dry are your eyes?

Updated: May 21, 2021

It is actually more accurate to say “How dry and inflamed are your eyes?” Find out why this is.

Watch this wonderful, practical, 30-minute video about dry eye disease. It got rave reviews on Smart Patients. There are many good tips about dry eye treatment.

A number of us from Smart Patients completed the dry eye questionnaire called DEQ-5. The scores in our group ranged from 12-18. In case you are wondering, I'm an 18.

The presenter, Dr Mather, states that scores over 12 are often seen in Sjogren’s patients. Other dry eye syndromes tend to be less severe.

What is your score?

Special note: Sjogren's dry eye disease, when properly managed, almost never results in blindness. However, this rare but serious outcome has been documented in severe cases of Sjogren's dry eye. The lecturer in the video states that dry eye disease does not cause blindness. A better statement would be that careful monitoring and treatment will almost always prevent this terrible outcome in Sjogren's patients.

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