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We're Making Great Strides

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Thank You For Supporting Sjogren’s Advocate.

Thanks to your generous donations to the first GoFundMe campaign, Bexi (Rebecca Lobo, PhD) has been able to provide much-needed editing and design support for Sjogren’s Advocate over the past four months. Now that I have had her steady professional support, I can’t imagine doing this enormous project on my own, especially with my health limitations.

Working together, Bexi and I can produce at least three times the information, in a more user-friendly format, than I can by working on my own. For example, when we published MYTHS ABOUT SJOGREN'S, each myth (13 to date) took 15-30 hours to research, write, edit, and publish. Without Bexi’s help, I likely would have completed only 3 or 4 myths during the time that we were able to complete 13 of them.

My blog post, MOVING FORWARD, explains the behind-the-scenes work and costs that go into creating and publishing Sjogren's Advocate, as well as other advocacy work I do.

What We Accomplished With Your Support

Major Upgrades

WHAT IS SJOGREN'S? lays the foundation for understanding Sjogren’s and self-advocacy.

HANDOUTS FOR CLINICIANS is a step-by-step guide you can use to find, chose, and share scientifically-based information with clinicians. New Pages

ABOUT SELF-ADVOCACY explains how to advocate for the diagnosis and management of the systemic (non-sicca) manifestations of Sjogren’s using the 3P's of self-advocacy: prioritize, prepare, and practice.

MYTHS ABOUT SJOGREN'S gives you tools and resources with which to counter myths about Sjogren’s that interfere with proper diagnosis and treatment. New Blog Posts

Page Clean Up Thanks to Bexi, there have been numerous design and formatting changes that make the pages easier to read and navigate. These changes, big and small, would not have happened without her.

How You Can Help

We are asking for a second round of donations to fund Bexi’s work on Sjogren’s Advocate. Your donation will allow us to continue producing high-quality material that you can use to advocate for the best care possible.

Please offer only what you can comfortably give.

We appreciate any amount you can give,

but please do not donate more than you can afford.

Sjogren’s Advocate will remain free to use for everyone,

regardless of your ability to donate.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and support.

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