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Immune system videos

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Sjogren’s patients, both old and new, sometimes wonder what Sjogren’s really is. Sjogren’s is not just a set of symptoms. It is a systemic disorder that involves the immune system. You have probably heard a lot about B cells, T cells, lymphocytes, and antibodies. Learning about immune system basics can help you understand Sjogren’s better.

The good news- videos from The Vaccine Maker’s Project at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provide an excellent introduction to the immune system. These videos are brief (about 1-2 minutes each) and quite beautiful to watch.

I am especially pleased with the video, The Innate Immune System, because it demonstrates the role that mucous membranes play as a first line of defense. Because Sjogren’s patients usually do not have adequate moisture coating their mucous membranes, they are less able to block infections where they first enter the body. This explains, at least in part, why people with Sjogren’s are more prone to respiratory infections (39).

My video recommendations, in order of viewing:

I recommend viewing the high school (H) version.

The Innate Immune System (2:05)

The Adaptive Immune System (1:26)

How Antibodies Work (2:22)

A Virus Attacks a Cell (1:43)

How do Covid-19 mRNA Vaccines Work? (1:57)- not a “basic” but spectacular to watch.

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