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Welcome to Sjogrens Advocate

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

I was inspired to create Sjogren's Advocate after years of watching the continued neglect of Sjogren's by medical education. Primary care clinicians are willing and eager to learn, but remain largely unfamiliar with the disease. Lack of training combined with large gaps in clinical research means that Sjogren's is often not considered important, even though it is a common, serious, multi-systemic inflammatory disease.

This website offers a practical guide to help both patients and non-rheumatology clinicians navigate this complex disease.

I started off with the topic of diagnosis because it is such a big problem for many patients. Many other topics are in the works; you may find some pages that say "more to follow" or "coming soon" when you explore the site. Sjogren's Advocate is a work in progress.

Please send feedback about this site or its contents to I may not be able to get back to you right away. Be sure to read the disclaimers page, which requests that you do not ask for referrals or advice about your personal health situation. Online forums such as Smart Patients and others are a good place to discuss those issues.

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